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Young Members Weekend at JBL

BY Stephanie Graudons

Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) hosted its first ever young members weekend at Johns Brook Lodge this month and welcomed participants from the Capital District, Long Island, Central and Western New York, and Colombia! Everyone hiked to JBL on Friday afternoon, enjoyed splashing in the brook, ate a delicious dinner, and learned about the history of the lodge in an evening presentation. There was a great deal of discussion about which peaks to climb, and participants split into smaller groups for Saturday’s hikes based on interest and personal preference. Mountains climbed included Gothics, Saddleback, Basin, and Haystack. The group found themselves in and out of the clouds, surrounded by some pretty incredible scenery, and returned to the lodge for a hot dinner.

Here’s what one participant had to say about this event, along with some photos from the weekend:

“I loved this outing. Seriously. As someone who doesn’t always have friends that are available to hike with, the young members weekend gave me the opportunity to summit high peaks in fine company. Over the course of 3 days, I met other like-minded individuals and we quickly became not just hiking companions, but friends. We shared experiences, laughs, and helped each other make it up and down the mountains.The staff members, who might also be superheroes, helped make the outing memorable and successful and were bushels of information. They answered every question and provided insight on all things ADK. They were friendly, well-organized, knowledgeable, accommodating, and excellent trail guides. Also, the food was phenomenal. I can’t wait for the next ADK YM outing.” -Jill


A warm welcome by chalkboard and smiling staff!


Heading up the cable route to Gothics (this was his first hike and first mountain!)


Loving the hike, the view, and the company


Clouds blowing over the ridge on the way to Gothics.


Gothics summit!


Two small groups set out for Basin and Gothics, and met in the middle on Saddleback.


In the clouds on Saddleback, but still smiling.


Saturday’s dinner: fresh salad, homemade bread, BBQ chicken, creamed corn, and sweet potato fries.. and apple pie for dessert!

The next YM outing is the Young Members Winter Adventure, scheduled for late January 2017.

Photos by Stephanie Graudons.